Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why Accounting Software?

Accounting Software is simple user-friendly software, which provides facility to handle various kinds of accounting functions.

Who needs Accounting Software ?

All SME unit as well as Service Sector Units.

What are benefits of Accounting Software?
  • Organized Accounting
  • Enables accurate computation of tax
  • Avoids duplication of entries
  • Organized Registers, Books and Ledgers
  • Easy porting of data
  • Configured Invoices
  • Windows based interface
  • Voucher templates
  • Easy navigation between screens
  • Environment setting for reports
  • Multiple formats of invoices
  • Invoices generated in the software can be emailed in pdf format
  • TDS tracking and certificate management utility
  • Permits Cash Based Accounting
  • Rounding off Facility
  • Provision for Template Creation
  • Can Track Aging Transactions
  • Provision to have reports in Excel
  • Accounting Data can be shared with Auditors
  • Secured with Hardware Lock
  • Upgradable to new Versions